Water Damage Restoration



Hercules, CA, Water Damage Restoration

This dynamic city on the bay is a great place for raising a family or enjoying your retirement, but we also see some severe weather in this area. Tropical storms can leave you needing Hercules water damage restorations, and you don’t want to wait for assistance. There are also times when water comes from internal sources, such as when a toilet exploded or you have fish-tank water damage. Whether the water source was fresh water or from a storm, you need to address the problem as quickly as possible with water damage restoration Hercules 24/7.


Prepare for the Movement

Water that enters through one area will not remain in that space for long. It has an incredible ability to migrate under walls and up sheetrock, picking up everything in its path. This means that your emergency water damage repair Hercules will extend beyond the initial area to include connecting rooms, furniture, personal belongings, in-floor air ducts and other areas. You need to work with a company that understands how water moves and will treat all of the affected areas for mold and damage.

Structural Repairs Necessary

Water extraction is only the first step in the process. Water damage restoration Hercules is often required to replace damaged sheetrock, insulation and even electrical lines. If the problem includes roof water damage, then you may also need to have sections of the home repainted, floors replaced, and other repairs handled. Choose a team that can provide you with prompt project completion and excellent service to help you get your home back in order.

Bacteria and Debris

When you’re dealing with high tide damage or sewer backups, you have an additional concern. If you have radiator leaks or if fresh water pipes blew up/exploded, you won’t have to worry about the bacteria and dirt that drifts in from a storm drain or exterior flood. When the water is dirty coming in, you also need to have the cleaning team sanitize and disinfect mold and mildew. Bacteria and other pathogens need to be eradicated as well. In addition to treating the main living area, it’s also important to invest in drying air ducts to avoid these hidden dangers.

We offer services for RVs, living spaces in homes, and even crawl space water damage. Whether you need help right away for roof damage in a storm or want us to handle the cleanup after an accident involving your fish tank, you can count on us for high-quality work, personal attention, great service and competitive prices. Call Hercules Carpet Cleaners today for 24/7 water damage restoration.

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